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Tiny Heirloom Mid Century Modern Tiny House

Who says a tiny home can’t be made in the midcentury modern style? Tiny Heirloom’s Midcentury Modern (MCM) tiny house takes a different approach to tiny home design without compromising on comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at Tiny Heirloom and what their MCM tiny home has to offer.

Who is Tiny Heirloom?

Tiny Heirloom is a tiny home company based in Oregon City, Oregon. The family-run business has more than a decade of experience in residential construction. They leverage their expertise to take a different approach to tiny home design and living.

The team at Tiny Heirloom was eager to jump into the tiny home movement, but they felt that many tiny homes forced their owners to compromise on their living standards.

You may already be familiar with Tiny Heirloom through their television show Tiny Luxury on HGTV. The reality TV show follows the family who owns Tiny Heirloom as well as the clients they work with and their projects. Each episode shows a new tiny home and its owners’ stories.

Tiny Heirloom is accredited through the following:

  • National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)
  • National Highway Transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA)
  • Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA)

These accreditations allow the company to build the safest and highest-quality tiny homes and allow buyers to finance their homes and license and register their RV/travel trailer anywhere in the U.S.

When it comes to creating their homes, Tiny Heirloom works closely with their clients to create the custom tiny home of their dreams. However, they also offer:

  • Pre-made tiny homes through their Signature Series. Prices are as low as $59,900.
  • Pre-loved (or pre-owned) tiny homes. The company has a consignment package that allows tiny home owners to sell their homes through Tiny Heirloom.

For those who need to finance their purchase, Tiny Heirloom allows buyers to apply for financing through their website. Loans can be acquired for as little as 10-20% down with terms of 15-20 years.

With financing options, pre-owned options, pre-made options and custom options, Tiny Heirloom is working hard to make tiny living as accessible as possible. 

For those who love the midcentury modern style, the company’s MCM tiny home is a great option.

Midcentury Modern Tiny Home

The Midcentury Modern by Tiny Heirloom is created to maximize interior light, offer plenty of storage space and do it all in a tiny home. Easy to transport yet luxurious, the MCM home has impeccable interior and exterior features.


Outside, the team chose a gray exterior paneling and wooden door accents that allow for a unique, stylish entryway. The exterior door features a large glass pane that extends the length of the door and works to add additional natural light to the space.

Three windows are on the side of the home, and an impressive balcony allows the homeowners to enjoy the natural landscapes.

The top balcony is enclosed with black railings for added safety.

Thanks to the exterior electrical outlets, owners can even grab a chair and sit outside on their laptops.

An exciting addition is that the back of the home boasts a wooden exterior and two windows. The high windows allow natural light to shine in the space yet are placed high enough to ensure occupants have 100% privacy.


Moving inside of the tiny home, the design team took full advantage of the space. When you walk through the door, you’re greeted with windows on all sides of the home and recessed lights in the ceiling.

A small refrigerator sits in the corner, and four large cabinets to the right offer ample space for pots, pans and other items.

Looking up, a large skylight allows natural light to shine into the kitchen and dining areas. All wooden floors are present, allowing for a natural, modern feel inside of the home.

Stairs lead to the top of the unit, but no space was taken for granted. Additional storage is built into the stairs, allowing for large, spacious drawers to pull out.

Tables fit snug against the wall to make the home functional and as open as possible.

An electric fireplace is built into the staircase, too. The fireplace provides the perfect opportunity to sit down with a book or cup of tea. If you continue to walk straight past the fireplace, you’ll come to the bathroom, which makes extensive use of subway tiles in the standup shower.

A rain shower head, stainless steel accents and white subway tiles are present.

Finally, if you walk upstairs, you’ll enter the bedroom with two windows and recessed lighting to maximize the space. Shelving is built into the wall at the end of the bed and there’s just enough room for a television, plants and other items to be tucked away.

The Tiny Heirloom MCM Tiny House brings functionality and beauty to a midcentury modern home that’s perfect for the traveling couple.

Visit TinyHeirloom.com to build your own MCM tiny home.

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