ATX Record Players & Vintage Cabinets

ATX Refurbished Vintage Record Player Cabinets

If you love retro design and are in the market for a beautiful vintage record player cabinet with modern functionality, you may have heard of ATX Record Players.

This is a brand that mostly promotes its products on Instagram and Facebook. While the photos of these impressive retrofitted record player cabinets speak for themselves, you probably have a lot of questions about ATX and what you can expect if you order from them. Let’s learn a bit more about this exciting small business.

What is the Story Behind ATX?

The creative mind behind ATX is an Air Force veteran named Shea Hennings. Originally, Hennings was into working on cars. But when a vintage German stereo console caught his attention on Craigslist, he ordered it and realized he could use those same skills to refurbish it.

On the ATX website, he explains, “I was never one to settle for stock and I always loved the look of classic record consoles, but they always underperformed in safety, sound, and reliability.”

Working carefully to make sure that the consoles are well taken care of throughout the process, Shea upgrades them. He says, “I’ve taken care of all the complicated audio mumble jumble … We use our own high-end ’69 CLASSIC tube amp that we have specifically tuned to create that unique 1969 sound combined with the look of beautiful glowing tubes. Crisp, Warm, Buttery. These amps have been discreetly fitted with Bluetooth as well.”

A Stunning Mid-Century Visual and Audio Aesthetic

So, when you purchase a retrofitted vintage record player cabinet from ATX, you are bringing the mid-century aesthetic to your home in more way than one. First of all, you are getting an authentic German record console from the mid-century period. Secondly, you are getting an incredible sound that also will take you on a trip back in time.

Shea says here, “The ‘CLASSIC ’69’ is pre-tuned giving you a warm tube sound of crisp clear highs, smooth organic mids, and thick firm lows. It Makes your record collection come alive with a new soul. Even better, we’ve ended confusing, complex electronic wiring and jargon. Everything is just plug and play.”

Shea’s Other Project: Tonenhaus

Along with ATX Record Players, Shea has another project as well called “Tonenhaus.” Whereas he refurbishes retro record cabinets through ATX, Tonenhaus manufactures retro-style consoles from the ground up with the help of craftsman Philip Morley.

As explained on the Tonenhaus site, “We built the world’s greatest record konsole from the ground up — inspired by the timeless 60s German konsoles and made to fit classic McIntosh components. European style with American power. The perfect blend of class.”

How Can You Order a Retro Record Player Credenza Through ATX or Tonenhaus?

If you want to bring one of Shea’s beautiful retrofitted record consoles to your living room, you will need to swing by the ATX Record Players website.

You’ll need to scroll down the page to where it says “Get On The List.” You enter in your name, email address, and phone number.

As ATX Record Players works on record consoles and gets them ready, you will get updates. That way, you can keep an eye on what goes up for sale and snag the mid-century record cabinet of your dreams when it becomes available.

Likewise, if you want to purchase a record cabinet through Tonenhaus, you will need to visit the website and enter in your name and contact information.

So, drop on by and sign up. You will then have a chance to bring home one of these mid-century beauties!

Visit to sign-up.

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