Mid Century Modern Dog Bed

Mid Century Dog Beds

If you are putting the finishing touches on your MCM home you don’t want to leave out your pet bedding. Etsy makes it easy to find custom MCM pet beds that match the rest of your furnishings and décor.

In this guide, we will show you some of our favorite Mid Century pet beds.

But first, let’s talk about what to look for in a quality product.

What to Look for in High Quality MCM Pet Beds

  • MCM design elements. For a pet bed to exude Mid Century Modern style, it needs to feature the right elements. Some examples include low profiles, thin, tapered legs, wood and quality textiles, and clean, streamlined elegance.
  • High-quality materials. Look for products that feature sturdy, durable wood, dense foam that retains its shape, and other quality materials that provide the utmost value in terms of style and function.
  • Comfort. Just as with other styles of pet beds, you should make sure that you are purchasing a product that will appeal not only to you, but also to your dog or cat. It should provide a comfy place to relax.
  • Durability. Cats and dogs alike can be destructive with furnishings, even if they are not all that rambunctious. So, invest in durable products that will stand up to wear and tear to provide years of use.
  • Easy cleaning. Most pets shed at least to some degree. Plus, they can track around dirt, litter, and other debris. So, you will need to regularly clean your Mid Century Modern pet bed. Make sure you choose a product that features components you can wash quickly and easily.
  • Dimensions. Measure your dog or cat, and choose a bed that will provide sufficient room to stretch out and get comfortable.
  • Attention to detail. With MCM furnishings of all sorts, it is attention to detail and expert craftsmanship that largely determine the quality of the piece. For that reason, you should purchase furnishings that were manufactured with great care. In fact, we recommend considering handcrafted pet beds.
  • Warranty. For a high-quality, handmade MCM pet bed, you may be paying several hundred dollars or more. To protect your purchase, choose a product that includes a decent warranty.

Our Top Recommended Mid Century Modern Pet Beds

Now that we have gone over some important buying considerations, let’s take a look at some products worth considering.


© CairuMCM

One of our favorite companies for MCM pet furnishings is CairuMCM. This boutique manufacturer specializes entirely in these stunning creations, producing breathtaking luxury pieces.

Frame: 46” long x 23” deep
Legs: 3” tall
Cushion: 44” x 23.5” x 3”

This dog bed takes the form of a long, low-profile couch. A cushion with medium density foam rests atop a 1” thick hardwood plywood frame with elegant curved sides and splayed, tapering legs. A long, low cushion forms the back of this “couch,” further emphasizing its horizontal lines.

Why We Love It

Quality construction featuring beautiful materials sets the HEYWOOD LUX apart from other dog beds. The solid walnut legs, walnut veneer, and four-coat lacquer finish are gorgeous. We also love that there are numerous colors and materials available for the upholstery so you can find exactly what you need to match your décor.

2. CairuMCM WEXLER 501s

© CairuMCM

Here is another product from CairuMCM that features a very different design.

Frame (without legs): 25” long by 11.75” deep and is 16.75” high
Legs: 3” tall
Overall height: 19.75”
Cushion: 23” x 12” x 3”

The bed takes the form of a rectangular frame with rounded edges made of an eight-layer lamination of hardwood. It rests on a set of splayed, tapering legs, close to the floor. There is no back, but you can get one if you want when you order it as an add-on.

For the upholstery, you once again have your choice of colors and fabrics.

Why We Love It

We really dig the shape of this pet bed, which reminds us a bit of a retro TV set from the 50s or 60s.

But it also boasts some practical benefits. It can work as a pet bed or a cabinet. You can set it against a wall or in the middle of a room. Your pet may appreciate having two ways to enter—but adding a back could enhance privacy for pets that want more of a cozy “den” to snuggle up in.

3. PurrFurPL MCM Cat House

mid century modern cat bed
© PurrFurPL

Of course we would not leave off a great MCM option for cat lovers. If you are specifically on the hunt for a cozy cat house with MCM style, you will love the PurrFurPL Stylish Plywood Cat House.

Dimensions: 15,2’’ x 15,75’’ x 15,75’’ (39 cm x 40 x 40 cm)
Weight: 18 lbs (8 kg)
Max load: up to 176 lb (80 kg)!

The box is a simple rectangle made of birch plywood finished with eco-friendly dark oak wax oil.

The design is low to the floor and rests on thin, splayed, tapered legs. One corner is cut out to form an entrance.

Why We Love It

The design of this cat box is simply gorgeous. It has all the hallmarks of iconic MCM design, and features beautiful wood grain. Cats will love hiding away inside.

The cushion is easy to clean, and you can choose from any of half a dozen colors for the upholstery.

4. HakkoPetStore Handmade Modern Wooden Pet Bed

mid century pet bed
© HakkoPetStore

Here is another quality pet bed with a Mid Century Modern design. The HakkoPetStore Handmade Modern Wooden Pet or Dog Bed is available in three different diameters:

  • 50x55cm
  • 50x65cm
  • 65x90cm

You can choose upholstery foam or memory foam for the filling. For the upholstery, boucle and wool are available.

The design is fairly similar to the HEYWOOD LUX, but the frame is deeper, giving your pet more room to spread out (which could also make it suitable for larger pets than the HEYWOOD LUX). It also features two side bolsters, rather than just a back cushion.

Why We Love It                                                                                                

We picked this product both for its attractive mid century design and for how easy it is to maintain. You can machine wash the cushions.

Give Your Pet the Comfort, Style and Luxury of an MCM Pet Bed Now

mid century dog bed
© Etsy

We hope you enjoyed this curated selection of beautiful Mid Century Modern pet beds. To get your dog or cat a comfortable, durable bed that will enhance the mid-century charm of your home, click on any of the links in this guide.

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